The third International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy,  IWCA III

June 4-6 2004 Meudon and Paris Observatory, France

I acknowledge all the people who organized the workshop and the Venus transit tour for their excellent arrangement and hospitality.

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Also refer to gDiary June 13 2004h


The conference room is in this historical building of the Meudon Observatory. The Meudon Observatory is located outskirt of Paris.

In the dome of the building 83 cm and 62 cm refractors are installed, which are over 100 years old.

I gave Doug Snyder, an independent discoverer of C/2002 E2 Snyder-Murakami, calligraphy of my own writing. It is a poem created by the late Minoru Honda;
A star, it is in the sky
It is in your mind
And it shines by itself

From left to right: Mark Kidger, Jon Shanklin, Brian Marsden, Jana Tichy, Milos Tichy

Germans: Maik Meyer (left), Sebastian Höenig (right)

Americans, from left to right: Gary Kronk, Dan Green, Joseph Marcus

Patrick Stonehouse (right) and Mr. and Ms. Snyder.

Conference room

A minor planet discovered by Tichy has been named Biver (26969) after Nicolas Biver, the chairman of the workshop. Biver received the plate on the minor planet from Milos Tichy.

Center: Patrick Stonehouse, right: Michel Meunier, far right: Doug Snyder. In the dome there is a 1 m reflector used for observation at the dusk of Saturday June 5.

The 1 m telescope.

Reception was held at the Paris Observatory, near the center of Paris.
In front of the Paris Observatory there is a statue of Le Verrier, who predicted the position of unknown planet Neptune based on the perturbation of Uranus orbit.

Pierre Janssenfs gphotographic revolverh (bottom right). He was a president of the Meudon Observatory and used it for the observation of the Venus transit in 1874 in Nagasaki, Japan.

A Venus transit observation tour at Montbeliard, near the Swiss border city.

Left to right: D. Snyder, A. Nakamura, T. Oribe, J. Snyder.

We could observe the entire phenomenon under the perfect sky condition.

Philippe Morel, a vice president of Societe Astronomique de France (SAF), arranged the tour. He observed using webcamera.

Philippe Morel

One of the IWCA participants, Giuseppe Canonaco.

The local newspaper reported Japanese and Americans observed Venus transit with the members of the Montbeliard Astronomical Society.

Tourism in Paris and Mont St-Michel

Louvre Musium. Aakimasa Nakamura (left), and Takaaki Oribe.

Orsay Musium. Aakimasa Nakamura (ritght), and Takaaki Oribe.

Mont St-Michel: the World Heritage