Conference on Comet and Astronomy

    The 51st Annual Comet Conference. 3-4 June, 2023
          Life Park Kurashiki & Kurashiki Observatory, Japan
          Movie: Visual comet hunting using Night Vision by Shigeki Murakami 
    The 1st Conference of New Heavenly Body Seekers.
  2-4, October, 2015
            Nayoro Observatory, Japan
: A visual discovery of comets is still possible: See stars by heart 
                       presented by Shigeki Murakami

    The 41th Comet Conference  July 16-17, 2011

    The 37th Comet Conference  April 7-8, 2007

    IWCA III  The third International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy, June 4-6 2004