I pilgrimed India alone. 
Along the Ganga (Ganges river), from its source to the outlet.
The Ganga is originated from Gomukh (Cow's Mouth), the sacred place in the Himalayas.

Bhujbasa Ashram (Gomukh)

Gomukh 4000 m
The stream comes from glacier ice

Bhagirathi 6856 m

Shivling 6543 m (left) and Meru 6660 m

"If you pursue the truth and are innocent,, God lives in your mind."  

Lal Baba, Bhujbasa Ashram

"Seeking for materials is not the purpose of life. Even animals can eat and live.
A religion tells you how you get together with people and how you should behave."

 B. R. D. Gupta, Prof. of Banaras Hindu Univ..

Lal Baba
of Bhujbasa Ashram

A praying man
in the Ganga in Varanasi

The Ganga in Varanasi

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