My workplace     Sorry, Japanese only.
                               I am a forest hydrologist and a snow scientist of the Japanese National Institute:
                               Tohkamachi Experimental Station, Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute.
                               Headquaters: Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute

    Doug Snyder          Codiscoverer of C/2002 E2 Snyder-Murakami.
    Tsutomu Seki         One of the greatest comet hunters in the world. OAA comet section.
    Maik Meyer            Catalogue of comet discoveries with the latest information.
    Syuichi Nakano       OAA Computing & Minor Planet Sections
    Seiichi Yoshida        Comet catalogues, light curves and other useful information.
    Eiji Kato                Sketches of deep sky objects in southern hemisphere. Some parts of my pages were translated by him.
    Toshimi Taki           Coauthor of eCan comet hunters survive? No.3f.  His articles on telescopes are also cool.

@@IAU Astronomical Headlines@    The latest information on comets
    British Astronomical Association Comet Section