On the eastward tail of C/2010 V1 Ikeya-Murakami

I reported that the comet had a tail with the length of 2f and directed to east (position angle= 90 degrees: IAUC No. 9175). I clearly remember that the tail was upward in the field of view, i.e. exactly the direction of the tail was east-southeast (p.a.= 120 degrees). Though no photos showed such a tail, when I saw Mitsunori Tsumurafs one I was sure that my observation on the tail was correct.

He described gEnvelope like structure that directed to the east-southeasth on his photo of C/2010 V1. I believe this structure is what I observed upon my discovery.

East-southeast tail of C/201 V1 Ikeya-Murakami
This sketch was drawn on November 8, 2010, based on the memory at the time of discovery, November 3.801, 2010 UT. The comet was drawn on the printed star chart using MegaStar ver. 5. Note that a tail extend to the east-southeast.
The eyepieces used for observation were Planocular 30 mm, 78x, with a field of view (FOV)= 1.1 degrees and Ethos 13 mm, 157x, with FOV= 38f. The circle on the sketch indicates 1.1 degrees.

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