Shigeki Murakami


The Edgar Wilson Award


OAA Award



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1962 Born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Present address: Ozu Town, Kumamoto, Japan
In April 2018 I moved from Tohkamachi City, Niigata to Ozu Town, Kumamoto.         


1972 I began to star watching at age 10.

1973 I have observed a comet for the first time: C/1973 E1 Kohoutek.

1975 I have "discovered" the first comet: C/1975 N1 Kobayashi-Berger-Milon.
         After gmy first discoveryh I began to comet hunting.

1981  I stopped comet hunting when I entered a college because I was discouraged severe light pollution at the urban area.

1996 I decided to resume comet seeking in the appearance of C/1996 B2 Hyakutake after a break of over a dozen of years.

2002 I have discovered

C/2002 E2 Snyder-Murakami

         on March 11 2002 UT.
         Discovery story, Orbit

       Announcement by IAUC 7850  7852
         An asteroid discovered by Akimasa Nakamura was designated as gShigekimurakamih (24981).

2010 I have discovered my second named comet,

         332P Ikeya-Murakami

         on November 3 2010 UT.
         Discovery story. Image  Orbit
Announcement by IAUC 9175  9176


During a break of comet hunting, I was impressed by the beauty of snowy mountains and began to mountaineer.

I climbed some of the big walls which are representative of Japanese big climbing route in spite of my poor athlete.
I stopped serious climbing before I resumed comet seeking.

Occupation: Research scientist of the National Institute